EERZAAM LAWFIRM is one of small group of trully integrated legal practice. We are present in Jakarta but d work across all the centres that are critical to maintaining a vibrant practice focused on the world’s flow of capital.

Our clients demand lawyers who will add value to business deals and whocan reply rapidly to dificult quetions. An ambition to be the premier law firm underpins our business strategy. We aim to achieve this goal through sustained investment in managing knowledge and information, and by creating a working culture in our office that enables our people to offer consistenly high standards of client service.

As the domestic law firm, we embrace responsibilities that extend beyond our client work. Through an active programme of pro bono, arts and charitable initiatives, all our people are encouraged.


  • EerzaamLaw Our Vision
  • Our Vision

  • A firm for people from all walks of life, to serving sincerely our clients from all strata of society

  • EerzaamLaw Our Value
  • Our Value

  • We always strive to excel in everything, enable  everyone who works with us, our people,  our clients, our business associates to achieve their maximum potential.

  • EerzaamLaw Our Mission
  • Our Mission

  • We provide effective service, with a strategy build appropriately according to the specific case and simultaneously have clously have close working relations and cooperation.

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